Why not providing fluency to your students?

Common English courses apply concepts created back in the 1960s that hinder fluency in the studied language. You will understand why Obvia will create real value and change the way your students perceive your school.

We considered obvious questions one should make about language acquisition when developing Obvia Method.

  • What is the simplest way to learn a foreign language?
  • If human beings are motivated by pleasure, shouldn’t the learning process also be pleasurable?
  • Why do common English courses apply concepts, created back in the 1960s, that hinder fluency in the studied language?
  • Why not replicate the way we learn our own native language when we are learning a second language?

Natural and intuitive

The learning process is more natural and intuitive. As a result, students experience a five-fold increase in vocabulary and language structures in comparison to traditional methods.

Just like the native language acquisition

Just like in the native language acquisition, through the Obvia Method, students learn how to speak before they learn how to read, write and have contact with grammar rules.

100% oral communication

The moment a student spends with his teacher is possibly the only moment he can speak the studied language. Dedicating this precious time to learning abilities that can be practiced outside class can be considered a waste of resources (time, money, etc.) Through Obvia, 100% of the class time is dedicated to conversation.

Promotes confidence and fluency

We all learn how to speak our native language naturally well before we get to know grammar rules. The Obvia Method enables the natural learning, and grammar studies can be postponed to the moment when the student is already able to speak. It sounds obvious, but it is a great difference from all the others, since self confidence to speak the new language is enormously enhanced.

psychological mechanisms activate the sensation of pleasure in the student. His Psychological hungers are always satiated.

stimulus hunger

The student is always active inside class as he always goes through intellectual and emotional stimulation.

Recognition hunger

Natural learning permits countless situations to recognize the evolution of the student because of two main aspects:

The student practices the new vocabulary and structure through conversations about his own life. Thus, a lot of recognition opportunities come up and the relationship student/teacher becomes much friendlier as well as the relationship with other classmates;

When we learn a language naturally, we learn what’s right through examples. So, there is no need to point out mistakes. That creates a feeling of comfort and confidence. That is what our parents do, and that is exactly why we are not afraid of exposing ourselves to our parents when we are learning how to speak our native language.

Structure hunger

Obvia is mathematically designed. The student is always aware of the number of words and structures he dominates, as well as the ones he still does not. He has complete control over what is going on in his course, and he knows when he is going to be ready to play the real game.

Incident hunger

We are curious about new and interesting events. Obvia brings up new joyful activities and important content every class.

leadership hunger

With OBVIA, the teacher’s job becomes much easier. Every class is already prepared in the Teacher’s Guide, and it becomes much easier to lead a project since you know where you are and where you need to go.

In reality, the Obvia Method focuses on practical and enjoyable learning, and that makes all the difference in the speed our students learn a new language. By prioritizing speaking ability inside the class, our students acquire the new language proficiency much faster than they would in conventional courses.


Empower and Integrate people.


Obvia is committed to offering the best and most effective language training method worldwide for students, educators and school owners, through innovative technologies.


Be the biggest language education group in the world.


Obvia Publishers Ltda. belongs to Park Group, which also controls Park Idiomas Franchising network.

It all started in 1996...

Park Idiomas was founded in 1996, and between 1996 and 2000, the so-called Park Method was created and exhaustively tested. In October 2000, because of the discovery of the method’s effectiveness, Park Idiomas gave rise to its franchise network, which has been using Park Method ever since.


Park Idiomas is spread throughout Brazil. Park Idiomas network has more than 60 schools and has already made tens of thousands of adults and teenagers fluent in English and Spanish throughout Brazil.

in 2018...

A work with a strong conceptual basis was triggered in order to create a name that could represent, in essence, what the method means. The name OBVIA was unveiled. It refers to the conceptual truism that underpins the method, : “”It is obvious that the simplest way to learn any language is the way we learn how to speak our own native language.””

Also in 2018, in pursue of the company’s vision, Park Idiomas shareholders founded Obvia Publisher Ltda., which assumed the responsibility to continue the development of the method and distribute the Obvious Method around the world. Thus, in 2019, the effective Obvia Method became also available to language schools and organizations that operate in markets where Park Idiomas does not operate, including elementary and high schools that have an English program of their own.

Technology has exponentialized Obvia Method potential.

The digital medium has been allowing OBVIA to take the language acquisition experience to the next level. Through machine learning, personalized content and activities will become a reality, and teachers will be able to more effectively manage the development of their students. As a result fluency comes faster and faster.

10 Reasons to use obvia app books:

Books delivered instantly
Obvia books are delivered almost instantaneously wherever you are in the world. Download and start practicing;
Always connected
Exercises are going to be done in the App and sent directly to the teacher’s email;
Carry with you on the go
Carry a whole library of Obvia Teacher Guides without worrying about their weight. Going around and teaching in company has become much easier;
Always cutting-edge
Obvia Research & Development team instantly updates any tested innovations of the method to your device. You will take advantage of every new feature instantaneously;
Obvia books are interactive and contain audio, video and animations, which can enhance the message that is being transmitted to your student;
Access reports
Learn accurate information about your students’ development with Obvia educational reports.
Practice English with one touch
The student will practice English wherever he is with only one touch in his cell phone;
No shipping expenses
No more packing and shipping expenses;
No storage required
You don't need any space to store Obvia Books;
No trees required
No trees are required to manufacture paper for Obvia books;

It is extremely simple to implement Obvia at your school:

  1. Purchase the Vouchers;
  2. Train your coordinator and teachers through Obvia training platform;
  3. Level your students through the Obvia Method leveling guide;
  4. Record your students on the Obvia intranet, indicating the level of each one;
  5. A Voucher is sent to your student with a link to download the App;
  6. The student accesses and his book will be released for the contracted period.

Cutting Edge Training Platform will help you train your team

OBVIA has a training platform that will make sure your team understands the best practices involved in applying OBVIA Method.

Your team will learn how to teach in each level of Obvia Method. Furthermore, every behavioral aspect related to establishing a relationship with your student, which promotes self confidence to speak, will be shared with every teacher you have.

Obvia Training Management System

OBVIA will allow your school to use Obvia Training Management System. It will help you manage the development of each student, and you will be able to hold complete control over the quality of the services delivered by your team.

  • Create your groups;
  • Control vacancies in a group;
  • Book and control classrooms;
  • Plan your groups training program;
  • Record every given class;
  • Launch the performance for each student in every given class in the system;
  • Access reports to manage every educational aspect of the business;
  • Manage number of hours given by each teacher within a period.

What do teachers, students and school owners think of Obvia Method?

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