• What is OBVIA?

Obvia is the most effective language training method worldwide, and it is distributed by Obvia Publishers.
Obvia Publishers Ltda belongs to Park Group, which also controls Park Idiomas Franchising chain.
Tens of thousands students have learned how to speak English and Spanish fluently through Obvia Method.

• What is the difference on using OBVIA Method?

Obvia Method focuses on practical and enjoyable learning, and that makes all the difference in the speed our students learn a new language. The learning process is more natural and intuitive. Our students begin to speak before learning the grammar rules, just like we all do when we are children.

It seems obvious, but that's where the difference relies.

• How to use OBVIA Method?

Your teachers and your students will use Obvia Method through Obvia app books.
Obvia app will give your school a high-tech advantage that increases the perceived value of your courses, as it exposes your students to the best learning experience available. The class content will be available to the students at all times, directly in their smartphones.

Through this tool, your students will be able to follow the class being given by the teacher, and they will access all the vocabulary taught in the classroom, which are presented through images that illustrate the meaning of the words and also through voice recording that presents the correct pronunciation of each one.

• What kind of benefits can I expect?

1. Increase in revenue due to:
- Increase in number of students,
- Lower evasion rates;
- Better student satisfaction;
- Cutting Edge Technology;
2. Modern teaching and training tools;
3. Better management platform.
4. Easy to implement.
5. Your brand will look great in your community;
6. Quality Control since classes have already been prepared by Obvia. teachers will easily use the Teacher Guides;
7. A much more efficient learning and teaching method;

• How can I implement OBVIA Method in my school?

Implementing Obvia is extremely simple:

- Purchase the Vouchers;
- Train your coordinator and teachers through Obvia training platform. Our platform will help you on how to teach each Obvia Method level;
- Place your students at the right level through Obvia Method Placement Guide;
- Record your students on the Obvia system, indicating the level of each one;
- A Voucher is sent to each of your student with a link to download the App;
- The student accesses, and his book is released for the contracted period.

Then, OBVIA lessons are ready to start!

• How much do I have to pay for it?

We have quarterly, semestral and yearly vouchers to accommodate every student’s needs:

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